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Chapter Officers
Tyler Spurling, ΓΛ360
Wade Paulk, ΓΛ381
Zack Fizell, ΓΛ367
John Reeves, ΓΛ384
Rudolph Wolf, ΓΛ364
Derek Dillinger, ΓΛ380
Kyle Dunsford, ΓΛ369

House Officers
Rudolph Wolf, ΓΛ364
Nathan Asberry, ΓΛ382

Committee Chairmen
Wesley Parnell, ΓΛ379
Andrew Marion, ΓΛ374
Christian Otto, ΓΛ352
Derek Dillinger, ΓΛ380
Thomas Baldi, ΓΛ361
Josh Gambill, ΓΛ383

Campus Representatives
Andrew Marion, ΓΛ375
Kenneth Distefano, ΓΛ366
Andrew Marion, ΓΛ375
Nick Lehde, ΓΛ359

Alumni Housing Corps Officers
Chris Steger, ΓΛ168
Kyle Mitchell, ΓΛ188
Bob Bentzinger, ΓΛ29
George McCandliss, ΓΛ170
Matthew Chalmers, ΓΛ186

Information accurate as of January 2018.